February overview

With Yoma (Maja Atanasijevic)

For FAAR editorial(more details later)
Some of the clothes used for shooting...

Backstage Zemlja Gruva for "Ja imam talenat" show

 I was guest DJ at Srdjan Svejo Urbanlook party at Club Plastic +
 wonderful gifts from Mina and Nemanja- Styleić Dizajn and Aleksandar Topic (Pinjunky)

*wearing Aldo shoes, Yoma's 90's leather dress,Iva Sokovic gift-snake tights 

and gifts..

With Sever Zolak

model: Jelena Jokic
photo: Sever Zolak / www.severzolak.com / facebook page
style: Elena Nikolaevna 
hair: Ucha Hair    
make up: Cecilija Vurdelja-Drobac

(wearing red Aldo shoes and gifts from Yoma- vintige Sandra Sage 50's dress,dark silver tights...)

(photo from frashion by marina)

Marko Marosiuk's crib+some of his dresses starring Katarina Dusej

Party people