Florrie-cover girl

D&G’s  short film, I Took A Little Something, which was filmed in Paris by the dope photographer/director, Justin Wu

The Model,The Singer,The songwriter

The buzz this week has been on the UK’s darling singer/drummer/musician, Florrie and her newest EP, Experiments (which was released on Tuesday). Florrie is known and adored on music’s pop underground due to her constant refusal of signing to a major or indie label, and her commitment to just make fun pop music that her growing fan base can dig and have for free.
Last summer she became the face and voice for the Nina Ricci fragrance, Nina L’Elixir, and was given the exclusive honor to use her song and video “, Sunday Girl” as the ad’s televised soundtrack.


into boyz

Xavier Dolan - L'uomo Vogue Backstage photoshoot 2011

He is the boy prodigy of Québec cinema, revealed by two exceptional films, "J’at tué ma mère" and "Les amours imaginaires". Actor, film director and scriptwriter, Xavier Dolan, twenty-two years old, is shooting "Laurence Anyways" in Montreal, his third film starring actor Melvil Poupaud. The theme chosen for the film is less autobiographical than the previous two.

"During the shooting of J’ai tué ma mère a costume designer told me about her love story with a transsexual: she was with a man who declared he was a woman point blank, though wanting to carry on their relationship. On a personal level I was interested in the cataclysm, not the development of the affair, that each one experiences in their own way. That very same evening I wrote thirty-five pages."

Jean-Michel De Alberti, L'Uomo Vogue, July-August 2011 

favorite scenes from 

 J'ai Tué Ma Mère


Les Amours Imaginaires

actors from the movies 

François Arnaud

Niels Schneider

Xavier Dolan


Dress 4 shooting

Marko Marosiuk dress hangin' on my closet waiting for tomorrow's fotoshooting .....
..... haljina za koju bi svaka Disney princeza mogla umreti....


I'm in love with a fashion designer

One night with the young  popular designer Marko Marosiuk ...

 you can see his dresses here-

thanks to Katarina Dusej,Tamara Giba and  Mary Misantropic

and Ivana Rakic(costume designer)

don't just wear fashion-make love with fashion....its alive,its all over you,wherever you'll go,whatever you do