Maria Francesca Pepe

The Fall/Winter 2010/11 collection

video for Fortuna Fall Winter 11/12

“Toro”, “Idolo” and “Fauno” headpieces




MariaFrancescaPepe's "Jewellery-Wear" is a new concept for both Fashion Jewellery and Clothing that become inter- changeable pieces and essential designs for a new luxury ideal. The boundaries between clothing and accessories become blurred whilst retaining a contemporary functionality. Made in Italy, every piece is handcrafted to the highest standard by selected artisans and factories Maria works in strict contact with. MFP Creative Studio, Press, Sales and Distribution are all based in London.

 Her collection caused quite a stir, featuring bondage style headwear and a monochrome palette of angelic versus demonic garments in delicate chiffon. Maria entitled her A/W11 collection Fortuna; Fortuna was a roman Goddess who possessed the power over mankind’s fate. It was quite fitting that her nymph like creatures were positioned about the presentation room like roman statues. This theme was carried through into her look book. 

Ellen Rogers was the lady behind the camera for Maria Francesca’s Fortune lookbook.

She loves team work: "I see what designer I collaborate with are working on, I embrace their style and philosophy and I find a counterpart in what I'm doing. This gives the chance to look at my creations from a different perspective.”
Among the others, she has worked with Roksanda Ilincic, Emilio De La Morena, Ter et Bantine, Ana Sekularac, Amanda Wakeley.

Beauty lives in what someone has forgotten.” (Miguel de Unamuno)

Her creations are
“A fashion designer creates objects of desire,” that should have a meaning for the wearer and the creator."
"A mix: pop, trash, luxury, passional, brave, cool..."

Cultural Influences
Are Italian baroque, silent movies, Medieval religious culture, punk, glam, goth, African ethnic jewellery, Sci-fi and cyperpunk culture.

Nothing inspires me like…
Early 1900’s femme fatale Theda Bara. I feel like she could be me in an ancient life; a life where I could express my wildest aesthetic vision wearing long silk velvet drapes and veils, big chunky jewellery, feathers and body art. Also, it would allow me to experience the esoteric mysteries and my attraction to carnality and passion.